MTV Splitsvilla 10 is back with new experiments name “SPLITSVILLA X”

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SPLITSVILLA X: A brand new season has finally put end to long wait of fans for new MTV Splitsvilla Season 10 “2017” which is started with bang with its new theme called love experiment in Splitsvilla X for the year 2017 where the very First Episode of Splitsvilla 10 was aired on MTV Channel on 23rd July 2017. Soon after the fresh announcement of MTV Roadies X5 winner, another big banner MTV Splitsvilla 10 show that has been aired on MTV, In the year 2017. The new show: Splitsvilla X has estimated to be quite bolder and obviously full of entertainment with season 10. In Splitsvilla 10 contestant task going to be wilder and insane.

Splitsvilla X Channel MTV
Splitsvilla X Start Date 23rd July 2017
Splitsvilla X Show Timing 7 pm to 8 pm on MTV
Splitsvilla X Show Days Saturday & Sunday
Splitsvilla X Hosts Sunny Leone and Run Vijay

Find MTV Splitsvilla 10 contestants below and live streaming of Splitsvilla 10 episodes below

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Splitsvilla 10 Episodes 1 Watch Online

Live streaming of Splitsvilla 10 : Season X of Splitsvilla or season 10 of Splitsvilla X was aired on MTV this Sunday which seems to be more exciting with the brand new theme for Splitsvilla X: catch your match as with the beautiful shoot location of Jim Corbett National Park in the heart of Mother Nature. Stay tuned for MTV Splitsvilla X latest episodes and updates.

You can watch MTV splitsvilla 10 live on as well as on the MYV at 7 pm to 8 pm on every weekend as Splitsvilla 10 was aired on MTV 23rd July at 7 pm you can catch some of Its videos on YouTube also.

  • MTV: You can watch splitsvilla 10 episode 1 on MTV at 7 pm to 8 pm on MTV and also can see the Repeat Telecast of splitsvilla 10 episode on MTV next day.
  • VOOT: Watch MTV Splitsvilla 10 episodes on voots as it is one of the best media to bring the live streaming of the show Splitsvilla 10 episode 1 online
  • YouTube: You can find Splitsvilla 10 episode 1 videos on YouTube as well as Splitsvilla 10 promo videos on it.

MTV Splitsvilla Season 10 Starting Date

Splitsvilla 10 started from 23rd July 2017 and will be aired on MTV at 7 pm on every Saturday & Sunday with the same host as Splitsvilla have “Sunny Leone and Run Vijay”. Splitsvilla 10 is expected to be lot more interesting than its previous season with the more number of splitsvilla 10 contestants and new themed called Love experiment. So stay tuned for the live MTV Splitsvilla 10.

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 Splitsvilla 10 Contestant Names lists:

Splitsvilla 10 Contestants Names: As we all know MTV Splitsvilla 10 is based on “American Dating TV Reality Show” titled (Flavor of Love) so just like all season there will be equal gender contestants in Splitsvilla 10 with some of the known face of Roadies and Glamour world here are the A Splitsvilla 10 Contestants Names lists:

MTV Splitsvilla 10 Contestants
MTV Splitsvilla 10 Contestants

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Whereas the MTV Splitsvilla 10 Boys Contestants squad have beautiful faces namely

  • Basser Ali
  • Akash
  • Siddharth
  • Archit Bhatia
  • Hannet
  • Nachiket,
  • Rapper Maddy
  • Ripu Daman
  • Mohit Hiranandani
  • Priyank Sharma

Whereas the MTV Splitsvilla 10 Girls Contestants squad have beautiful faces namely-

  • Nibedita
  • Akshata Sonawane
  • Divya Agarwal
  • Steffi Margaret Cyrill
  • Alisha Farrer
  • Hritu Zee
  • Naina
  • Anmol Chaudhary
  • Khushi
  • Esha

MTV Splitsvilla Season 10 Sunny Leone and Run Vijay

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