Bigg Boss Season 11 promo: Salman Khan Is Hilarious with the New Promo

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The wait for the Bigg Boss 11 promo video is over as superstar Salman khan himself drops the major hint about the upcoming scenarios in Bigg boss 11.

Bigg Boss 11 Promo Release :

Soon after the announcement of the eleventh installment of Bigg Boss reality show the millions of fans were going crazy to know anything related to the Bigg Boss 11 show and just like every season the promo of Bigg Boss 11 was the most awaited one and now finally it released with the people favorite host for the show “Salman Khan”. Watch Bigg Boss promo video below:

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Bigg Boss 11 teaser : By now the makers of the show able to keep everything under wraps for a long time, successfully. Bigg boss promo release date was 18th of October which the source wasn’t able to find out about and with that promo we finally get to know the Starting date of Bigg boss 11 is 1st October.

CEO of colors Raj Nayak with the help of his Twitter handle share the much awaited Bigg Boss 11 promo video featuring Salman Khan in its well-known hilarious Avatar. In his Tweet he also added fizz to your festive season, and also mention: Presented by @iamappyfizz @ColorsTV, @BiggBoss with @BeingSalmanKhan, Powered by @oppomobileindia

Bigg Boss 11 promo video: In the video Superstar Salman Khan can be seen watering plants on his Gallery and while doing that he fell some of water into the cup of tea of a Senior Citizen, who asked him not to do that again in his own style and the video also targeted the topic of Salman Khan Marriage when his neighbor ask Salman Khan to marry someone but Salman Bhai in his own style move away fro that topic.

Bigg boss 11 start from October with the Salman Khan as the host for the show and Colors TV will be the cable partner.

Stay tuned for Bigg Boss 11 contestants reveled

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