Bigg Boss 11: Transgender Gaurav aka Gauri Arora may be first contestants of this season

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Splitsvilla’s X contestant  Gaurav who know popularly known as Gauri Arora is reptedly to participate in Bigg Boss 11 as we have already seen the transgender contestants in bigg boss meanwhile the most controversial show is been hosted by Salman Khan.

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Bigg boss 11 transgender contestants : Gaurav aka Gauri who have already participated in MTV Splitsvilla  confirmed the news that she had been approached by the Bigg Boss team regarding the participation in the next season but nothing has been finalized yet. She didn’t told much about it but confirm the approach.

Gaurav aka Gauri Arora
Gaurav aka Gauri Arora

We have already seen Rohit Verma and Bobby Darling transgender contestants on Bigg Boss so it will be nothing quite weird for audience to digest and they can go with it and the diction of the team might give them some more boost too.

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Gauri May be the first homosexual contestants of Bigg Boss 11 and this can be proved a good controversies of Big Boss 11 as we haven’t seen much of her in Splitsvilla because she/he left the show earlier due to health issues. Nia Sharma, Nikitin Dheer and Abhishek Malik can be the celebrities contestants of bigg boss 11 all we have to wait for is for the official confirmation and we need to wait for Bigg boss 11 transgender contestants

Eleventh season bigg Boss will be hosted by the superstar Salman Khan and likely to follow the same them as the Bigg bOss 11 “Aam Aadmi Vs Clebs” where they are cunstrucing the biggest ever house with the Jail inside and we might see celebrity contestants and commoners contestants living as the neighbours in bigg boss 11.

Stay tuned for the Final list of Bigg Boss 11 contestants

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