Bigg Boss 11 Episode 3 Written Update – 3 October

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Bigg Boss 11 Episode 3 aired on Tuesday at 10:30 Pm on Colours TV and various online portals responsible for Bigg Boss 11 Episode 3 Watch Online where many people witnessed what happen in the show but for those who missed the show and not able to watch it online we have brought Bigg Boss 11 Episode 3 written updates so read below article to know what happened in Bigg boss 11 ep3:

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 3 written updates ! What happens on day 3

It was the second day of the fresh contestants in the house with the padosis all set to keep spy on them.

We witness the first fight of Bigg Boss 11 between Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta who picked up the heat with the verbal argument on the very second day morning and after fighting we saw Shilpa Shinde crying after the fight.

Vikas loses his cool on Shilpa and call her a mentally challenged woman wheile these two house mates were fighting other housemates try to separate them and tried their best to stop them and finally Shilpa goes back to her room crying.

There are some new fight warming up Benafsha vs Shilpa as they both got involved into a heated argument while nomination and Aakash was shouting that he is One Man Army.

Jyoti and Shilpa was the people targeted housemates seems like they are not able to compete with others that simple.

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Another heat rises when Zubair start cracking adult jokes and started talking to Punees. Because of these jokes Sapna started feeling uncomfortable so she requested him to mind his language and started talking with him in high tone and watching these Puneesh steped into the matter and try to calm things up but the thing don’t go well for him and he get involved in a fight with him and end up with being threatening by  Zubair. Watch Bigg Boss 11 Episode 3 Online updates

Bigg Boss 11 : 3rd October 5 contestants nominated

Its was the very first nomination of the show which start in a traditional style of the show where all the housemates sits in a dining hall and each house member nominated openly near others by stamping the body part of the housemate whom they want to send for elimination.

  1. Who are the nominated contestants of Bigg boss 11 first week?

Just like every year this year the show follows the same method of nomination where each member nominated 1 member by taping on them so this year Jyoti Kumari, Bandgi Kalra, Arshi Khan, Shilpa Shinde and Zubeir Khan

  1. Who get maximum vote for Nomination in Bigg Boss 11 first week?

It was Zubeir Khan who get the maximum vote for Nomination in BB 11 1st week and its seems like he is not good at this game for now and because of which he was the one who recived maximum vote from other members.

The four nominated contestants of Bigg Boss 11 first week are:

  1. Bandgi Kalra
  2. Arshi Khan
  3. Shilpa Shinde
  4. Jyoti Kumari
  5. Zubeir Khan

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