Bigg Boss 11 Episode 1 – What happened in the First Episode?

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We have all waited for the eleventh installment of India’s most controversial show on the small screen Bigg Boss as after it successful decade its back with the new theme and old Host Salman Khan. So now let’s proceed with the scenarios of the inside house and BB 11 1st Episode

Bigg Boss Season 11 episode 1 images
Bigg Boss Season 11 episode 1 images

So now we are done with the guessing and rumors as the 1st episode bigg boss new season is our so now no more talking about the rumors and the prediction because now we get to know the real scenarios of inside house no theme, list of contestants, host, timing and rest of guessing are clear and we have proceed from all this as we are up with the 1st episode Bigg boss 11 Meanwhile every picture is clear to us and now we can talk about the daily episodes of Bigg boss 11

Bigg Boss Season 11 First Episode summery

The team of the show worked impressively well to keep all things under control with all unanimous designs of the team gone well as know we know all the related information of the show we can proceed with the things happen in Bigg Boss Season 11 First Episode summery as we all know that every fan has waited for these moments for years and now the show is been released and we can now know all the things happening inside the hose.

Lets check out some of the selected Bigg Boss Season 11 First Episode pictures which we have brought especially for you as we know that most of the peoples have missed the live streaming of bigg boss so to make the picture clear regarding the show we have brought the detailed Bigg Boss Season 11 First Episode summery

Bigg Boss Season 11 episode 1

Bb11 ep1 is on air now and here is all you should know about the First episode bigg boss 11 as we know that many of the people due to specific reason misses out the show but don’t worry we are here with the all related information regarding Bigg Boss Season 11 episode 1 summary so that you can get the clear scenario of the show which will help you to understand the show better so go through the Bigg Boss Season 11 episode 1 and don’t miss anything from the show.

Stay tuned for Bigg Boss 11 Episode 2 detailed summery

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