Bigg Boss 11 8th October 2017 Full Episode ! read what happened in episode 8

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Finally, the day with Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 11 full episode online has come with the Sunday as it is said to be the highest grossing week for colors Tv where the Sunday + Salma Khan factor works well for them and the audience to love watching the show with their favorite star so on Sunday Watch Bigg Boss 11 October 8 Online on mobile and laptops.

First Bigg Boss 11 elimination know who get eliminated this week of Bigg Boss 11 so don’t miss the action and dhamal  of the Sunday episode with superstar Salman Khan read the bellow article to know more:

Bigg Boss 11 October 8 Written updates Live on mobile

Know what happened in episode 8 day 8 (Sunday episode) as for the people who missed the live action of the show can get the Bigg Boss 11 October 8 Written updates Live on mobile with us as we will be updating each and every details of the show as we will be giving you a Bigg Boss 11 October 8 Online updates live and will also tell you what all house members are doing and who is fighting with whom and what are the action that is going inside the house.

Bigg Boss 11 8 October Written Updates : As we know the show is full of fights and controversies and its seems like there are various fights and controversies have already taken place like the fight of Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta take a hype and the controversy of Zubair Khan using his Fake Identity where he told that he is a Son-In-Law of Haseena Parker but he is not and this news is already over the Internet but all the house members are unaware of it.

We are going to see more padosis disturbance where they will be saving someone and giving trouble to others so wait and watch all the actions of the shows.

Watch Bigg Boss 11 October 7 Online on mobile & laptop

Now we can enjoy Bigg Boss 11 October 8 Online on mobile & laptop : Yes you can the show online and not only at one website but also various website like Voot, Colors Tv, Jio Tv so go through these website and enjoy the live streaming of Bigg Boss 11 episodes on the websites or you can also download the app to watch the show where all you need to do is to register yourself and enjoy the show for free.



Bigg Boss elimination first week 8th October

Here we are at the first Bigg Boss elimination where one of the house member will be eliminated and leave the show for ever. The show follows it tradition of nomination and elimination where every contestants will take the name of the others and four of the housemates will get nominated and there fortune will be left of the hand of the audince for the judgement.

Which contestants get nominated this week Bigg Boss 11 first week elimination as the options are:

  • Bandgi Kalra
  • Jyoti Kumar
  • Shilpa Shinde
  • Zubair Khan
  • Arshi Khan

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