Bigg Boss Tamil firsts winner ! Read everything about finale

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For those people who didn’t get watch the finale we are here to cover it up by telling Who won Bigg Boss Tamil first season. As we know that the Tamil show is the extension of the Hindi show hosted by Tamil superstar Kamal Hassan who very successfully able to manage the show and brilliantly able to take the show to its end and declared “Aarab” as the Bigg Boss Tamil firsts winner now ead everything about finale below the article.

Who is Aarav Bigg Boss Tamil winner ?

Aarav entered into the house as one of the Non-Celebrity contestant of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1 winner which was the hosted by superstar Kamal Hassan.

Aarav Bigg Boss Tamil winner
Aarav Bigg Boss Tamil winner
Name Arav Nafeez
Age 29
Profession Student
Education Graduate
DOB 1988
Family NA
City Trichy
Nationality Indian
Marital Status Unmarried

By Profession he is 29 years old who have already done some small roles on screen. He comes from Trichy a small city in Tamil Nadu South.

What is the Prize of Winner of Tamil Bigg Boss ?

Bigg Boss Tamil winner take away a grand prize of Rs. 50 lacks and also hold the title of First ever winner after smartly tackling all sort of challenges and tasks.

Who are the finalist of Bigg Boss Tamil ?

finalist of Bigg Boss Tamil
finalist of Bigg Boss Tamil

The Final competition was between Aarav, Sneha and Ganesh Venkatraman in which Ganesh Venkatraman stood third where Sneha managed to came out as runner up and at the end Aarav came out as the winner of the show.

As we know the Aarav was the first winner of Bigg Boss Tamil but the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss Tamil was stolen by fellow housemates Oviya who has stolen the attention of the crowd by receiving massive respect and cheer from audiences.

Stay Tuned for Bigg Boss Telugu Winner

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