Bigg Boss Season 11 House will be Biggest ever with Underground Jail

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Sooner we are striking towards the Bigg boss 11 premiere the curtains from the Bigg Boss 11 house ae been coming down with the full of surprises and the makers are making sure to make the eleventh season of bigg boss a real exciting season.

Bigg boss 11 promo confirmed that there will be something involved with the Bigg Boss 11 neighbors and the latest updates says that the features of Bigg Boss 11 house divided into two parts so this may happen that there will be two sided game that celebrity contestants and Commoners contestants will get to live separately and will be called as Bigg Boss 11 neighbors or may be different things waiting for us for ehich we need to wait till Bigg Boss 11 gets live HD

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Bigg Boss Season 11 Houses Secrets

Bigg Boss 11 Houses Secrets : now we know that Bigg Boss season 11 house will be biggest ever with underground jail which mean that the show needs a real big house of Bigg boss 11 as the Bigg Boss 11 theme may be the neighbor theme where they might separate the Bigg Boss contestants and make them habitat as the neighbors in bigg boss.

Bigg Boss Season 11 Jail

Bigg boss 11 jail :  the under grount jail in bigg boss 11 house for the next season which will have biggest house as bigg boss 11 and will have a underground jail too which can be used to imprisoned those contestants in house who are not performing the task well or might be violating Bigg boss 11 house rules.

bigg boss season 11 jail
Bigg Boss Season 11 Jail

Neighbors in Big boss 11 : the next season will for sure have own share of scoops where the housemates have to lead lives as the neighbors as for now there are no surety about the theme but from promo 1 can predict that bIgg boss 11 house may have neighbors.

Bigg Boss Season 11 Start Date

The Bigg Boss Season 11 Start Date is finally been released as the Colors Ceo Raj Nayak himself take the initiatives to launch the Bigg Boss Season 11 Start Date which is October 1st 2017. Salman Khan will be the host for the show and show will carry a new theme of neighbors. So now we know about the BB11 start date now all we have to wait for is the contestants revel which we will soon bring to you so we request you to stay with us for more updates and news.

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We will take a look to the biggest house ever meanwhile the season is approaching and the curtains from the secret are coming down slowly so stay tuned with us for further updates as you can bookmark us too.

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