Bigg Boss 11 Premiere updates ! Read what happens per minutes

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Bigg Boss 11 Premiere updates : Finally the day has arrived when the stage of Bigg Boss 11 Premiere welcomes its all Housemates with its superstar host Salman Khan, who was in his unique persona and was looking very excited while introducing all Bigg Boss 11 contestants and Bigg Boss 11 padosies which you can check bellow.

All Confirmed Contestant of Bigg Boss 11 with Pictures
All Confirmed Contestant of Bigg Boss 11 with Pictures

Live updates of Bigg Boss 11 premiere

11:03 pm: Salman Khan finaly welcome Shilpa Shinde and the show is all set to begin.

11:00 pm: 16 contestants of Bigg Boss 11 is in the house.

10:58 pm: Zubair Khan relative of Dawood Ibrahim is Bigg Boss 11 house.

10:56 pm: Unlike the last year this year commoner contestants of Bigg Boss 11 seems to be more aggressive and confident.

10:53 pm: another commoner “Puneesh Sharma” is in the house of Bigg Boss 11.

10:44 PM – Twitter is on fire with the Bigg Boss 11 Twitter updates and trolls.

10:47 pm: Hina Khan was almost crying as she bid farewell to her dear family & friends.

10:45 pm: Will Hina Khan throw tantrums in the Bigg Boss 11 house?

10:40 pm: After Khatron Ke Khiladi Season 8, Hina Khan is all set for Bigg Boss 11.

10:37 pm: Arshi Khan & Bandgi Kalra is in Bigg Boss house.

10:35 pm: Hot commoner Arshi Khan enter Bigg Boss 11 house?

10:25 pm: Hina Khan one of the much awaited TV actor is finally all set to enter in the house of Bigg Boss 11.

10:23 pm: Tabassum seems to be admiring her time in the house.

10:20 pm: all members of Judwaa 2 team is on the stage and all set to set the stage on fire again.

10:17 pm: Commoner enters in the house with some winning goals.

10:12 pm: Jyoti Kumari from Bihar is on the house.

10:11 pm: Varun Dhawan from Jodwa 2 is here to welcome house members of Bigg Boss 11

10:10 pm: We have now met with the number of contestants of the house.

9:58 pm: Anil Dadlani & Rapper Akash talks with 11 host Salman Khan.

9:49 pm: Benafsha Soonawalla & Priyank Sharma set stage on fire with their performance.

Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla hot performance in Bigg Boss 11 Premiere
Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla hot performance in Bigg Boss 11 Premiere

9:46 pm: Gaurav Gera will soon be here as Pinky Padosi.

9:45 pm: Self-proclaimed God-woman is Sabyasachi Satpathy is in Bigg Boss 11 stage

9:35 pm: Sapna Choudhary is in the house.

9:30 pm: The four padosis of Bigg Boss 11 are:

  1. Sapna Choudhary
  2. Sabyasachi Satpathy
  3. Sshivani Durgah
  4. Zubair Khan

9:22 pm: Salman khan welcomes Kalkothri in Bigg Boss 11 house.

9:20 pm: Hiten asked some questions on the stage.

9:15 pm: Hiten Tejwani & Gauri Pradhan the Famous TV couple performed on Bigg Boss 11 Premiere

9:12 pm: Varun Dhawan and Judwaa 2 stars Taapsee Pannu & Jacqueline Fernandez have shown their talent in the Bigg Boss house.

9:10 pm: Salman Khan again give the statement that he will not be getting Rs 11 crores for Bigg Boss 11.

9:06 pm: Performance of Salman Khan’s is on with audience going crazy.

9:02 pm: Salman Khan like half of decades back with the show.

9:00 pm: Bigg Boss Premiere begins on the stated time.

Bigg Boss 11 Celebrity contestants full name list

Hiten Tejwani
Jyoti Kumari
Akash Anil Dadlani
Sapna Choudhary
Shivani Durgah
Priyank Sharma
Benafsha Soonawalla
Jyoti Kumari
Bandgi Kalra
Arshi Khan

Meanwhile, there will be biggest house has been made ever for the show because of new theme of the show “Padosi” but still follows the last year them of “Aam Aadmi Vs Clebs” where the different housmates will get to spy each other and will be allotted with the task based on that.

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