Bigg Boss 11 October 4 written updates ! read what happened today

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Bigg Boss 11 Episode 4 October 4 aired on Tuesday at 10:30 Pm. The show started on its given time when all the contestants were sitting on the dining table and having conversation among themselves where each and everybody was commenting on the negative quality of each house members and as we know “Sach kadwa hota hai” every housemate when they were listening about their bad qualities started arguing with each other.

Bigg Boss 11 october 4 updates
Bigg Boss 11 october 4 updates

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 4 written updates: While playing the game the show started picking heat when Akash commented on Benafsha Soonawalla and called her a fake personality because of her ‘feminine behaviour’ and slowly the honest game of opinion turned into fights between Vikas & Aakash.

Bigg Boss 11 Episode 4 written updates ! What happens on day 4

For all those people out there who missed the show lets read the Bigg Boss 11 Episode 4 written updates where we tells you each and every thing happened in today episode of Bigg Boss 11

Padosis give the challenge to Zubair Khan where in 4 & a half minutes he had to take out the 3 fish from fish tank and he completed the challenge very well and won it.

Bigg Boss 11 episode 4
Bigg Boss 11 episode 4

In the next budget task every member have to turn themselves into animal.

Akash Dadlani & Priyank Sharma acting as a good house member tried to resolve the fight between the Zubair Khan and Bandgi.

Today In Bigg Boss 11 October 4 we have seen a fight between Zubair Khan & Bandgi Kalra which is getting intense now and likely to increase in future. When the fight took place between them every house member try to seprate them to avoid the issue.

There are more fight and issue heating up when while cleaning dishes Shilpa Shinde involved into a verbal tiff.

Watch Bigg Boss 11 Episode 4 Online updates Live on mobile

Don’t worry if you don’t have a cable connection and due to that you have missed the updates of Bigg Boss 11 Episode 4 Online because now you can watch bigg boss 11 October 4 online on various online media partner of the show where you can enjoy live streaming of Bigg Boss 11 October 4 so go to:


And enjoy the Bigg Boss 11 October 4 episode online as you may have to wait for a bit because it take a few time while the show start because of the copyrights and digital contract between the firms.

Stay tuned for Bigg Boss 11 5 October live updates

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