Bigg Boss 11 FINALIZED CONTESTANTS: Niti Taylor, Nikitin Dheer, Pearl V Puri, & Abrar Zahoor

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Bigg Boss Likely to hit our small screens by October and sooner the premiere is coming the speculations about the finalized contestants has begun among the fans.

Bigg Boss 11 finalized contestants
Bigg Boss 11 finalized contestants

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Bigg Boss 11 finalized contestants: We all have waited for this for so long and now the finally we can get to know about the finalized contestants of Bigg boss 11 but we still need to wait for the officials declaration but according to the reports and sources the theme for the Bigg boss 11 will be same as the last year of “Aam Aadmi Vs Clebs” where both the species will be inhibited together for the their rest of time in the house.

Who are the Bigg Boss 11 finalized contestants

Name of Bigg Boss 11 finalized contestants: We all have waited for this very long and now the name of Bigg Boss 11 finalized contestants are out which includes

  • Niti Taylor
  • Nikitin Dheer
  • Pearl V Puri
  • Abrar Zahoor.

As per some reports few name of Bigg boss 11 contestants also includes Priyanka Chopra’s look-alike Navpreet Banga and a Canadian weightlifter. Since we know the few Bigg Boss final contestants names but there are some Bigg Boss celebrity contestant’s name which are still making lot of buzzes like:

  • Achint Kaur
  • Nia Sharma
  • Devoleena Bhattacharjee
  • Former ‘Bhabhiji’ Shilpa Shinde

We all need to wait for the official confirmation from the Bigg boss team about the bigg boss finalized contestants. However according to some reports NITI Tylor in her Interview said that she is still not decided anything abbot the opportunity but will thnk about it.

We have also heard the name of Nikitin Dheer and Pearl V Puri for Bigg boss finalized Contestants as the combo have appeared together agarjuna – Ek Yoddha, they also haven’t given any sort of confirmation regarding their contract but the only actor who might have done with a contract is Abrar Zahoor.

There are chance of Kunal Verma and Uttaran actor Nandish Sandhu to become Bigg Boss 11 finalized contestants.

Stay tuned for Bigg boss final contestants list

Bigg Boss 11 Premier Date – 24 September 2017

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